Lickety O Learns to Dance

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Lickety O is one of those magical stories for kids about how friends can help each other overcome life’s most challenging situations and help shoulder the burden.

The gorgeous illustrations have been inspired by those in ‘The Wind in the Willows’, ‘Rupert Bear’ and Paul McCartney’s hit song video ‘We All Stand Together’ but with an Australian bush twist.

Lickety O is a little green frog who attends a wonderful ball. But he soon learns that he can’t dance. His long, sticky fingers; long, sticky toes and lolling tongue trip him and the others about. Lickety O is not happy and neither are the other party goers.

What can he do?

The situation may not be as bad as he thinks. He soon makes an unlikely friend who teaches him to dance and overcome his physical difficulties by using quite unusual methods.




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