How to Decorate Using Artwork

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It’s exciting when you move into a new home.  There are so many decorating possibilities – how to arrange the furniture, placement of rugs on the floor and hanging paintings on the wall.  Accessorising a room has become a real form of self-expression.

When guests arrive, you want your home to show off the personalities of the people who live there.  And your artwork can help set the mood.

In 2016 people seem to be moving away from traditional patterns towards more abstract and expressive designs, including living art.

Now is the time to really get creative with the art in your home to let your personality shine through.

Here are some suggestions.

Living Room: This is the space often used for entertaining. It can be the first room guests’ encounter when they visit your home.  Living rooms tend to be more formal than any other part of the home. So, contemporary or abstract art are great choices in this space.


Family living room art

The cluster artwork placement is another element in this gorgeous living room to swoon over. –

Kitchen and Dining Room: The kitchen is the hub of the family, and a lot of time is spent in it. Both kitchen and dining can be a little less formal as they are used every day.  But guests will still make their way to these areas.  A stylish painting of food or wine is perfect for these rooms.  Or, even a French café scene is a possibility.  This type of art can convey the sense of fine dining and gourmet cuisine.

French café scene artwork

French style popart helps to convey sense of fine dining and gourmet cuisine in this large kitchen. –

Family Room: A relaxed atmosphere permeates a family room. It is usually home to a lounge and television. There are many options for art in this space.  Choose pieces that match the color scheme of your furniture or rugs. A set of paintings or cluster, where is looks as though the artist cut one large painting into 2 or 3 would create an interesting look, one that could fit perfectly over the sofa.

Eye-popping abstract pieces match the throw cushions in a neutral coloured living room

Eye-popping abstract pieces match the throw cushions to enliven a neutral coloured living room. –

Bedrooms: The bedroom is a place of indulgence, serenity and relaxation. Fill your boudoir with art in muted colours such as blue or soft green.  Relaxing seascapes or landscapes are the perfect complement to any bedroom.


Bedroom Art in muted colours

Fill your boudoir with art in muted colours – teal, robin’s egg blue, aqua, sky blue, seafoam green, ocean blue. –

So when you are buying the art, just remember to keep in mind the type of room you are buying for, the wall space existing for the painting and the colours of your decor. Then every room of your house will be filled with art that can create any mood you wish for.

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