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Are you starting a renovation? Or moving into a new home or office? Perhaps you just need an  update or a refresh.  Here are the answers to questions you may have regarding engaging an Interior Design professional to help.

How long does the the initial consultation take?

One hour.

How much does is the initial consultation cost?
The consultation starts at $60 and varies with your needs.

What do you get at the initial consultation?

We will identify what is and what isn’t working.

I’ll come to your home and talk through the following aspects with you:

What mood you’d like to create in the space
How you want the space to function
Your likes and dislikes
What colours you’re drawn to and how to best implement them
Explore interior styles and trends
Develop a concept for the space
Consider paints, flooring and window treatments options for the project
Discuss the types of furniture and pieces that will work in the space

This hour is a great opportunity to get a feel for each other and determine the vision for the project. Ask me anything, have a list of questions prepared if you need to.

It can simply be a walk through your home for the hour, give you ideas and leave it at that. Or we can use the consultation as the basis to move onto the complete design and decorating service as I collect information on how you would like to see the space transformed.

How much will using my design services cost?
My design packages start from $200. I charge by the hour and you can purchase the amount of hours you require in blocks to suit your budget. The minimum package of $200 includes the initial consultation and a further 4 hours, totaling a block of 5 hours.

Where do we meet?
In your home, office or on site.

Can we meet on after work or on weekends?
Yes, we can work within your schedule.

What happens after the consultation?
If you would like to proceed I will develop your ideas into an actionable plan.

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